How has meditation changed your life?

Ellen Park

8/16/20221 min read

Here are some changes that I had through meditation 🌱

-Become precise and clear. Before There were so many unnecessary thoughts. It made it difficult to reach a conclusion and get to the point. But now, the more I let go of my mind, I could gain wisdom. So it is possible to catch the main point quickly.

-Emotional ups and downs get disappeared. Before when I get angry or sad because of relationships or situations, it takes a long time to let go and to get back to normal. Now those emotion doesn't control me much and it’s gone quickly.

-Become healthy. Body and mind are one. Before I always had tension on my shoulder. It has disappeared. and another biggest change, my body felt tired when I wake up in the morning because of stress, but now I could just wake up without tiredness and start the day.

-Become grateful. before I was the one who see the world negatively all the time. but actually, I didn’t even recognize that I was negative. but when I look back on myself through meditation, I could recognize my mind was always negative and unsatisfied. that’s why I was not happy and not be grateful. Now I love to express my gratitude to people around me rather than complain. It won’t be possible when my mind was fully packed with a negative mind.

-Find the truth within. I could understand the unshakable true mind is already within me. The more I discard false mind, the original mind has revealed. All the answer was within me.If you want to know more about the exact way to meditate or if you are interested in clearing your mind, plz refer to below.🌱