What is the most important thing in life?

Donna Seo

4/13/20241 min read

If I were to summarize my life journey, it would go like this: I received praise for being intelligent from family and friends since childhood, then pursued higher education at a prestigious university. After experiencing various occupations and enjoying social life, I eventually met a capable husband and built a happy family. Despite having financial stability, I am concerned about financial security after retirement.

I have often questioned whether money is the most important value in my life. Money provides me with freedom and a sense of security against economic hardships. Furthermore, it grants me the freedom to spend quality time with my sons without being tied down by a monthly salary and allows me to express my humanity by giving gifts to friends and parents.

Through recent meditation, I've realized that my attachment to money stems from the pursuit of pleasure. Moments like fantasizing about winning the lottery or expecting a large inheritance bring me joy, excitement, and a sense of accomplishment. These imaginations pleasure me.

I have engaged in introspection regarding these feelings. Meditation has helped me better understand myself, leading to a shift in my attitude towards consumption. I now prioritize inner satisfaction over material consumption and appreciate what I already have. Moreover, I have discovered a role in the community, beyond merely earning money, where I can assist others.

In today's world, filled with stimuli and temptations, it's important to discern what truly matters. One must find the answers within oneself to distinguish between truth and falsehood. If assistance is needed, I would like to watch a video together that fosters reflection and personal growth.

woman in black shirt and gray pants sitting on brown wooden bench
woman in black shirt and gray pants sitting on brown wooden bench